Marco Saporito

University of Southampton Highfield Campus · Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK ·



Zyz Sailing Team

Zyz Sailing Team is a group of students of my university led by prof. Antonio Mancuso, whose objective is the design and realisation of sail boats, in order to participate in a competition with other similar boats from several Italian and European universities. The main goal of my internship was the design of hydrofoils for a 5-meters catamaran, to be realised with carbon fibre skin and a 1 semi-monocoque structure to ensure stiffness.

The work carried out has been published in Ansys Blog where you can more details and videos about the competition.

2016 – 2017


ERASMUS / MSc Degree

University of Southampton

Mar 2018 - Present

MSc Degree (Aerospace)

University of Palermo

I am now attending the studies of Aerospace Engineering, a two-years course which examines not only the main aerospace subjects, like structures, materials, aeronautic technology, flight dynamics, incompressible and compressible aerodynamics, automatic controls, propulsion, computational analysis for structures and aerodynamics, aircraft design, but also complementary subjects, such as experimental stress-strain analysis of structures, with particular focus on strain gauges, photoelasticity and thermoelasticity, corrosion and protection of aerospace materials, robotic systems, dynamics of structures, process design, composite materials. Without having completed my studies, I can sincerely affirm that the more I proceed, the more I become passionate and enthusiastic about this world.

Sep 2016 - Present

BSc Degree (Aeronautics)

University of Palermo

Bachelor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, first class with honors. The BSc thesis on "Obstacle Avoidance in the UAS" explored the basics and the recent development in path planning and obstacle avoidance algorithms in the field of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS). It was conceived as a summary of several techniques, and the goal was to provide an analysis of advantages, disadvantages, prospects of future implementation, and to show some important achievements. This perfectly integrated my first years of studies on the foundations of engineering, so that at the end of my bachelor’s degree I have experienced a rich path through both the basic scientific disciplines and the advanced frontiers of progress and innovation.

Sep 2013 - Jul 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Basic: Ansys fluent, Creo parametric.
  • Intermediate: Simulink, Nastran-Patran, Rhinoceros, Matcad.
  • Advanced: Matlab, LATEX , Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.


I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. My personal interests are sailing, trekking and Music.

Awards & Certifications

  • Midwinter Indoor Race, 1st place with Zyz Sailing Team; 2017.