Yan Sun

University of Southampton Highfield Campus · Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK · 0044 (0)23 8059 4787 · Y.Sun@soton.ac.uk

I am an internationally-recognised professional in computational fluid dynamics and reduced order models for aero-servo-elasticity, located at the University of Southampton, UK. I have a strong track record in the field with about 30 referred journals and a book published by Wiley. I work closely with Airbus Operations Ltd to provide technical solutions to streamline the aircraft design process. To this goal, my team developed for Airbus Operations Ltd a novel computational fluid dynamics solver that saves 80-97% of the computational costs compared to existing state-of-the-art methods. I have supported the integration of the flow solver within an industrial-grade software and now it is used for production at Airbus Operations Ltd.

In addition to an extensive technical competence, I lead a research team of eigth members to successfully accomplish the project goals, I attract external R&D funding from direct acquisition or proposal submission (about £1 million in total), and to maintain and nurture new collaborations with industrial clients and academic partners.

My professional ambition is to fuse technical specialism with real-world problems. The outgrowth is the certainty to solve industrial challenges with clear reductions in cost and time as well as allowing unpreceded designs to take form with confidence.


Academic Visitor

University of Southampton

In the role of a Lecturer, my primary responsabilities are to: a) carry out research to high standards; b) teach undergraduate and postgraduate modules; and c) perform administration duties at the University. More details about the latter two aspects may be found at the Faculty page

November 2017 - November 2018

Research Assistant

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center

I have gained industrial experience from working at Airbus Operations Ltd, UK, during an Industrial Fellowship financially supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering (ISS1415\7\44) and Airbus Operations Ltd. I have contributed to make a positive lasting change to the industrial aircraft design by developing, demonstrating and integrating a fast method for load calculations (time saving between 80% and 97%) compared to existing state-of-the-art approaches.

December 2016 - November 2017

Research Assistant

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center

Equivalent tenure track lecturer located at the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton, UK.

July 2009 - September 2011


PhD Degree (Fluid Mechanics)

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
School of Engineering; Liverpool, UK. The PhD thesis investigated acceleration techniques for computational fluid dynamics to be used in the context of flight simulation.

September 2011 - December 2016

MSc Degree (Aircraft Design)

China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center

Aeronautical Engineering, equivalent First class; Department of Aerospace Engineering; Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The MSc thesis carried out within the FP6 SimSAC project contributed to the development of the NeoCASS software suite.

September 2006 – June 2009

BSc Degree (Aircraft Design)

Beihang University

Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering, KTH, Sweden.

The degree was awarded within the remit of Top Industrial Managers of Europe scholarship. Proficiency in Swedish language was a pre-requisite for the degree to be awarded.

October 2005 - September 2008


Programming Languages & Tools
  • C++, Fortran
  • Grid Generation: ICEM CFD & Pointwise
  • Post-processing: Tecplot


In my free time, I enjoy cooking, walking and painting...

Awards & Certifications

  • Nominated “Outstanding Lecturer” at the Excellence in Teaching Awards 2015 from the University of Southampton Students Union, UK; May 2015.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PR076955); November 2014.
  • Awarded “La Penna Nera per la Nostra Montagna” from Associazione Nazionale Alpini, Italy; September 2014
  • Nominated “Outstanding Lecturer” at the Excellence in Teaching Awards 2015 from the University of Southampton Students Union, UK; May 2014.
  • Awarded “Speciale Riconoscimento ai Ricercatori Bellunesi all’Estero” from Rotary International, Italy; December 2012.
  • Awarded Top Industrial Managers of Europe (TIME) Double MSc degree; December 2012.